About the CASSS

About the CASSS

Below you will find details of our objectives and activities.

Founded over 60 years ago, before the time of Sudan’s independence, the Church Association for Sudan and South Sudan has supported and continues to support the ministry of the churches in that region.   Our governing objective is: 

To promote and maintain prayerful interest in and support for the Episcopal Churches of the Sudan (ECS) and South Sudan (ECSS) and their dioceses in the countries of Sudan and South Sudan. 

We work closely with the Archbishops of Sudan and South Sudan to understand the needs of the churches throughout both countries and, in partnership, determine how best to support church ministry and church growth.  Our support is in the form of financial grants for specified purposes to the two Archbishops’ offices and also to the dioceses throughout Sudan and South Sudan.

Importantly, we support both Archbishops in their work in peace and reconciliation.   

In addition to providing support to the ministry of the churches, we support a number of initiatives that are designed to impact the church on a strategic level and build the capacity of the church over the long term.  These are mainly focussed around the training of current and future pastors.     


We also work in the UK and with US-based partners to raise awareness of the situation in both Sudan and South Sudan and the needs of churches in the region.  We encourage and support the establishment of links between churches in the UK and the US and churches and diocese in South Sudan.  We have a wide partnership network and we continually liaise with our partners on how to support the ECS and ECSS through funding and through other means.   

Mindful of the current turbulent situation in both countries, we raise interest in and advocacy for peace initiatives within Sudan and South Sudan in the UK and US. We encourage our supporters to pray for peace and stability in both countries.   

We have an experienced and committed team of trustees, most of whom have long experience of working with churches and other Christian organisations in the region.