A new diocese is established in Sudan

A new diocese is established in Sudan
25/02/2024 admin

Despite the harrowing war in their country, February saw a celebration for the Episcopal Church in the Sudan, particularly in the Nuba Mountains region. Bishop Elsir Hassan Kuku was consecrated as the first Bishop of the newly established Diocese of Heiban. The consecration, led by the Most Rev. Ezekiel Kondo, Archbishop of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan, took place on Sunday, 18 February, 2024.

The creation of the Heiban Diocese comes in response to the considerable spiritual and numerical growth within the region. The Episcopal Diocese of Kadugli, covering over 90% of the Nuba Mountains area, has been under the stewardship of Bishop Andudu Adam El Nail for more than two decades, with Assistant Bishop Hassan James providing support. The diocese encompasses more than six Archdeaconries and numerous parishes, reflecting the ever growing reach of the Gospel in the area.

Bishop Elsir Hassan Kuku – First Bishop of the new Diocese of Heiban

The establishment of the Heiban Diocese, increasing the number of Episcopal dioceses in Sudan to six, is a testament to the church’s dedication to meeting the spiritual needs of its growing flock. The consecration of Bishop Elsir Hassan Kuku is not just a celebration of a new chapter for the Episcopal Church in Sudan but also a reflection of the church’s commitment to nurturing faith and ministering to the diverse and dynamic community in the Nuba Mountains.

The Relay Trust has been working with the Episcopal Church of Sudan for a number of years and has tried to maintain their links despite the war in the country. They are committed to grassroots training and fostering spiritual growth and community development within the new diocese.

As the newly established Diocese of Heiban embarks on its journey, we ask you to join us in prayer for its first bishop, Elsir Hassan Kuku, for the growth of the faith in the diocese, for the Episcopal Church in Sudan, and for the end to the violence in the country.