Launch of new Modern Service Book

Launch of new Modern Service Book
22/02/2020 admin

The new hardback version of the Modern Service Book for the ECSS was launched at a meeting of clergy in Juba on 15th February 2020. 

Since it existed, the Episcopal Church of South Sudan has been using the 1662 Book of Common Prayer (BCP) in all personal devotions and Public Liturgical worship. The BCP has been translated in all prominent languages of South Sudan and is the unifying factor of the Anglican Church within South Sudan and with all other Anglican churches worldwide. 

Although the BCP maintains historical Anglicanism, it does not cater for the other rites of the ECSS. This has created a need to have an ECSS Modern Service Book, to address the local and contemporary needs of the ECSS. Clergy and Lay Readers need to have access to liturgy, not previously available, to help them in conducting services & prayers with creativity, making their worship time enriching and with ‘deep spirituality.’ 

In a major piece of work that has taken place mainly since the enthronement of Archbishop Justin Badi, the writing and testing of the new Modern Service Book has now been achieved.   As part of its vital work of supporting the ECSS, the CASSS happily agreed to make a significant grant to make this possible.  

We pray that its use, going forward, will enrich the church and enable its leaders.

Archbishop Justin holding a copy of the new hardback Service Book.


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