The Sudan Crisis has few equals

The Sudan Crisis has few equals
18/11/2023 admin

Month 7 – 30 weeks in the fighting

The Sudan war truly has fallen off from media reports – but it is continuing strongly.  The UN says that what is happening in Sudan is verging on pure evil.  This is the description by seasoned commentators, not of well-meaning amateur Brits. 

  • Sudan now has the largest number of displaced people in the world – over 6 million.
  • Sudan is now the largest child displacement crisis in the world.
  • Sudan is now in the top four places of highest concern for food insecurity.  These are defined by the UN as “a population identified or expected to experience starvation or death, or at risk of deterioration towards catastrophic conditions.”

The Church Association is continuing to run an appeal for funding to address this crisis.  Could your church be asked to give part of its annual mission giving to Sudan?  If anyone would like help in extending the appeal within their church, please ask: 

Some material for use in intercessions is available from the Leeds-Sudan Link who have a collection of resources downloadable from:

Our new prayer/news update – month 7 ‘The Sudan crisis has few equals’, quotes from UN reports plus messages from Bishop Ismail in western Sudan and a woman trapped in the capital.

Also linked is the Sudan Church News Nov 23 from Archbishop Ezekiel in Port Sudan, including a message from the Revd Kamal Hussein, Khartoum Diocesan Secretary.  Those who know Sudan will be upset to read of the destruction of the Church of the Saviour.  The fire was captured on video by local people.

This week Pope Francis spoke out clearly for peace, asking that “the weapons be stopped:  they will never lead to peace.  Enough! Enough, brothers!  Every human being of any people or religion is sacred, is precious in the eyes of God and has the right to live in peace.”  He asked people to “pray and work tirelessly so that the sense of humanity may prevail over hardness of heart.”  He appealed to leaders to support access to humanitarian aid in Sudan.  He has been outspoken on Gaza and Ukraine too.

To enable the church in Sudan to keep reaching out with relief through all its dioceses, Archbishop Ezekiel’s target is £13,500 per month i.e. £450 per day.  You can give –

  • by bank transfer to –   Barclays 20-76-92   account 63265064  The Church Association for Sudan & South Sudan
  • by cheque to – CASSS Treasurer, 23 Leylands Lane, Bradford  BD9 5PX
  • online – via Paypal through –

Please reference your gift ECS SURVIVE so that your donation is recognised as a special gift for forwarding urgently to Sudan.

Our focus is on supporting work within Sudan, but hundreds of thousands have fled over the border into South Sudan and are also in distress. 

For those interested in a deeper read about the issues in Sudan, attached please find The Sudan Conflict Monitor #7.  Pages two and three are particularly relevant.  

UN Statements can be read at:  
and at: