Urgent News, Prayer and Appeal for Sudan

Urgent News, Prayer and Appeal for Sudan
18/04/2023 admin

Today is the fourth day of fierce fighting in Sudan as two generals fight for control of the nation.  Church Association for Sudan & South Sudan trustees have been receiving messages from the Episcopal Church in Sudan about how the conflict is affecting the Christian community.  A critical part in Khartoum has centred on an RSF post near the cathedral, which is near the airport.


For three days,  church personnel and families, including Archbishop Ezekiel, were pinned down in the Cathedral, unable to move as gun fire continued in the streets alongside.  Today soldiers raided the cathedral compound breaking into buildings and cars, possibly just looting, and at 10:30 the decision was taken to evacuate the premises, with 42 people including children on the run.


The fighting is between the regular army (General Burhan) and the RSF, a highly equipped paramilitary force led by General Dagalo aka Hemedti.  The RSF has a reputation for brutality and mercilessness, whereas the army shows signs of respecting the common order, whilst itself being self-serving and self-aggrandising.  Right now the best outcome for Sudan would be the defeat of the RSF and the capture of Hemedti and his supporters.  Hemedti has links to Islamists though not himself being one.


Most of the Christian community in Sudan live in ‘poor’ areas, away from the key locations where fighting has been mainly focussed.  Only Khartoum cathedral is in an absolute hotspot.  But fighting could spread into guerrilla warfare in the streets, and millions of Sudanese are in hiding because of the unpredictability of the situation.  Most shops are closed with food and water becoming scarce.  There are lengthy power cuts, meaning phone batteries may die, but for the moment messages are being exchanged.


Pray for peace with justice.

Pray for protection of ordinary people.

Pray for protection of the Christian community.

Pray for Khartoum cathedral families led by Abp Ezekiel & Suria, and Dean Yunis & Afeedee, as they take urgent decisions to protect lives.


We bring before you Lord the cries for help, the tears and vulnerability of your people.

We bring before you the feeling of powerlessness, the deep fears and suffering of your people.

Bless our brothers and sisters in Sudan.

You know our needs and feel our pain:  hear our cries and heal our wounds, in Jesus name.


When peace comes again to Sudan, we need to help restore the church.  The losses are uninsured, and the church lacks resources to rebuild.  Giving to restore what has been destroyed will be a sign of love from afar to the congregations that in a small way we are standing with them in their crisis, and the ongoing struggle to survive and build up.


Special giving received by the Church Association for Sudan & South Sudan will be transferred 100% to Khartoum.  Please mark any such gifts ECS RESTORE.   Account:  63265064   Barclays 20-76-92   For Gift Aid and more news, please email treasurer@casss.org.uk  or  info@casss.org.uk


General news on the situation and attempts for a ceasefire can be read on www.bbc.co.uk/news/world/africa  or  www.aljazeera.com  or  www.dabangasudan.org/en