Buy Mint Stamps

One of the ways that CASSS can raise valuable funds is through the sale of Mint Stamps.

This is an easy way that anyone can purchase the stamps they might use day to day on cards and letters at the normal cost but with a greater range of designs than you might normally see and with the profit going to support the work of the CASSS.

Q. How does CASSS obtain the stamps it sells and is it legal?

CASSS is a registered charity and buys the stamps legally through a stamp dealer at less than face value. This allows CASSS to sell the stamps at normal prices and the difference in prices raises funds for the CASSS.

Q. Can stamps bought from the Church Association for Sudan and South Sudan (CASSS) be used for postage or do they have to be kept for stamp collections?

CASSS only sells stamps valid for Royal Mail postage to send post from the UK to addresses in UK and abroad.

Q. Is it possible to buy stamps at any time of year?

Yes absolutely – orders are welcomed all through the year.

Q. Can I buy Christmas stamps?

Yes. Christmas stamps are available whenever we have stock. In 2019 this was as early as January so please enquire and we will be happy to help.

Q. Is there a maximum or minimum value for each order?

We do suggest a minimum order of £20.  You might like to order a smaller quantity regularly or order on behalf of your church and friends too to make a larger order.

Q. Can I buy stamps for different values? (e.g. 1p & 2p and to send items abroad etc)

Yes, we have all these available. Just let us know our preferences when you order.

You can order mint stamps in one of three ways:-

The CASSS Mint Stamps Team


If you are ordering by post, please download a copy of the order form and send it to the address given on the form with a cheque payable to “CASSS”.

Click here for a handy guide to all Royal Mail stamp prices  (valid from 1st January 2021)


    To conform with GDPR regulations please confirm whether you are happy for us to contact you by e-mail.

    Number of stamps required for prices from January 1, 2021;

    We can make up orders with two stamps for each value ordered, for example, 20 second class (66p) stamps could be supplied as 20 x 36p and 20 x 30p. If you prefer any other number such as single stamps, please make this clear. We shall also do our best to include stamps for any special preference, such as music, history, sport, etc.

    Customers are invited to add a voluntary donation towards our expenses, including postage. A contribution towards our costs is much appreciated, noting our policy below. Any such contribution is entirely voluntary, but if you felt able to do so, please include it in calculating the total amount to send.

    Postage Policy - Orders up to £100 in value cost us £0.85 (small) or £1.29 (large) respectively. They are all sent First Class to minimise how long they spend in the postal system and reduce the chance of them going astray.
    Packages valued at £100 or more are sent 'Signed for' and cost £2.55 or £2.69 for small and large respectively. We obtain proof of posting for all outgoing mail. Royal Mail pays no compensation for losses in transit. If requested, we can obtain separate insurance at the time of posting, but will need to pass on the charge to our customers.

    Please indicate below how much you will be paying and by what method. Please note that to meet bank requirements, you may need to spell out CASSS in full (The Church Association for Sudan & South Sudan) on the first occasion on which you undertake a bank-to-bank transfer.

    A copy will be returned to your e-mail address. If you wish to make any changes to your order, please contact us using the e-mail button below.


    Please send an e-mail by clicking on the link below and pay by bank transfer using the following details: The Church Association for Sudan & South Sudan, sort code 20-76-92, account number 83015564.