Our Work

The main role of the Church Association for Sudan and South Sudan is to support the bishops who lead the dioceses of the ECS & the ECSS as well as other specific projects run by the churches.   

On a quarterly basis, support is provided to bishops of all dioceses to help them in their ministry in their dioceses.  Bishops carry out vital work in leading all their staff team and in particular those clergy who lead churches in local parishes throughout both countries.     

We keep in touch with all those who receive grants from us. On a regular basis, those who receive our support send us reports on their activities. To read a selection of the latest reports, see our Support to the Dioceses page.

“This was a gift from the CASSS that fell from heaven and indeed it saved our lives and helped me to fulfil obligations for the children living with me. It arrived at the most critical time. ”  

This message came in by email from a South Sudanese bishop during a meeting of the CASSS trustees at the very moment they were discussing financial support for South Sudan. Getting news from the dioceses of South Sudan is very difficult, but the message went on to describe the enormous challenges being faced there. We have come to rely on the internet for communications but with the frequent crises and insecurity in South Sudan contact with many places may be unreliable or irregular.   

The messages describe terrible problems coping with health crises, safety in travelling, maintaining education, difficulty in getting food, and a continuing atmosphere of violence. Below are excerpts from these messages: 

“We are no longer able to drive safely between Mundri and Juba due to road ambushes! Instead we use a Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) plane which costs US$200.00 with return. ”  

“The economic situation in our country means money is not available to help the men of God to visit within their diocese. We appreciate your support in the midst of this horrific situation. Please, remember that you are not only helping the Bishops with their families but you are expanding the gospel to be strong through men of God. ”  

 “[Your support] gave me freedom from worries about my family needs, meeting the increasing cost of living in Juba, while I have been devoting my time and energy to do the Lords work in the Diocese. ”  

“The needy members of the church and the community often come to me for the basic needs of life. The support from CASSS helps to assist some of those who are most vulnerable in the society. ”  

“You are not only supporting us as the Bishops, but also our families, to allow us in carrying the Gospel to the conflict areas and to support the displaced. If not for such funding, all of our Bishops would be displaced from their Dioceses. ”  

“It helped me to pay rent and school fees for my family and children as refugees in Kampala, and helps me to feed myself and those in my care. ”  

“we always pray for you in the CASSS that the good Lord will bless your ways in supporting the Bishops and the mission of the Church and the Gospel. ”  

“Some of the money was used for purchasing very expensive food for our survival while some went to paying the school fees of my nephew who remains under my care. ”  

“God bless members of the CASSS for a long time and a protracted generosity. ”  

“Thank you very much indeed in walking with us through this period where peace is absent and as you join us in prayers for lasting peace. Let us walk together in love and peace. ”  

“May God Almighty bless the hands that have donated the funds so that they will continue to support others like us who are in need. ”  

CASSS makes regular payments and we are grateful for those who, as a sign of their continuing prayers and support for ECSS, make special gifts to support these payments.