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How can you support the work of CASSS?

CASSS really values the support of those who are keen to help their work with the churches and people of Sudan and South Sudan. We aim to keep our supporters up-to-date with what is happening in the countries, to inform their prayers and to know how financial support is being used.

To receive the CASSS magazine, called the ‘Sudan Church Review’ twice per year, there is a requested minimum donation of £20 per year, which can paid by bank transfer or via the PayPal link below. 

    It is helpful for us to know if your donations may be eligible for Gift Aid. If so, we will be in contact to ask you to sign a Gift Aid declaration.

    For supporters and those who sign up for the e-mail newsletter CASSS needs to hold limited personal information, such as name and address, for the purposes of communicating with you and confirming legal requirements surrounding Gift Aid. This information is stored securely and is only used for CASSS purposes. It will not be provided to any third party other than a postal delivery agent contracted to send out publications (e.g. The Review) or an e-mail agent used to send electronic communications (e.g. Mailchimp), who will only use the information for CASSS purposes.
    Anyone who wishes to support the purposes of CASSS and shares its Christian convictions is welcome to apply to become a voting member by signing up using the appropriate section of the form above. Members may vote at any general meeting of CASSS, including the election of trustees.

    If you have selected to make your donation by PayPal, the link here can be used to make a one-off or regular donation.