Prayer Points

Prayer Points.

A major part of CASSS’s ministry is the flow of information from the churches in South Sudan and Sudan to CASSS’s prayer supporters.

This information sharing is achieved through the CASSS committee, the Sudan Church Review and our website. 

Please pray for South Sudan and Sudan’s current prayer needs. We know that as we pray in faith our prayers have a huge impact! 

November 2020

1/11/20 Give thanks for generous response from churches and individuals across Leeds Diocese as well as other parts of the country. Pray that it may become easier and quicker to transfer relief funds to Sudan and for it to reach the areas of greatest need.     


8/11/20 Pray for patience among the many different groups throughout Sudan and for the government as they work to establish a just society during economic difficulties made worse by Covid 19 and other infections aggravated by the after-effects of some of the worst floods ever recorded.


15/11/20 Pray for the Episcopal Church of Sudan Translation Department. Pray that they are able to attract enough finance to keep skilled workers, that the final revision of Hebrews in the Burun language may be completed, that work in the Tira language spoken by some of the people in the Nuba Mountains may continue.


22/11/20 Pray for Church leaders, teachers and parents throughout the five dioceses as they try to provide Christian education. They must provide not only teachers, often unpaid, but any equipment needed and any repairs and maintenance to their buildings. Church schools must teach Arabic and about Islam but are allowed to teach the Christian faith.


29/11/20 Pray for the work of the Shokai Bible Training Institute in Omdurman. Pray for the Principal and teachers who provide training for Ordinands, Readers and Women Workers. Pray for students, those who are able to attend the college and those who are following its written Bible teaching courses.