Prayer Points

Prayer Points.

A major part of CASSS’s ministry is the flow of information from the churches in South Sudan and Sudan to CASSS’s prayer supporters.

This information sharing is achieved through the CASSS committee, the Sudan Church Review and our website. 

Please pray for South Sudan and Sudan’s current prayer needs. We know that as we pray in faith our prayers have a huge impact! 

May 2021

Moves towards Peace Agreement in South Sudan:President Kiir has dissolved parliament, in accordance with the 2018 Peace Agreement (it was scheduled for a year ago). Civil society bodies have welcomed the move but are awaiting the formation of the new Assembly and Council of States. The Troika (US,UK and Norway) have urged the President and Cabinet to urgently start the graduation and deployment of the unified army, as per the deployment plan provided by IGAD in January.  They also call for a credible disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration  plan, urgent implementation of the agreed transitional arrangements and movement to consult on a permanent Constitution.

  • Pray for serious and sustained progress to fulfil the terms of the Peace Agreement and end the conflict.

Education issues: Give thanks that all schools in South Sudan are now open. The government has prescribed fees for private schools and requires them to be paid in South Sudan pounds not dollars. Some private schools, such as those run by churches, charge low fees, while some charge hundreds of dollars per term. The heads of private schools have reacted adversely, threatening to close all private schools..

The Western Equatoria state government (in which Maridi is located) has increased teachers’ pay in state schools from 1500 SSP (which was often not paid) to 10,000 SSP per month, saying that “when teachers are paid well, the educational standards in the state will improve”. Particular concern has been expressed for “drop-out girls”, with suggestions of lessons in evening times.

The South Sudan government has also paid part of the arrears for university fees to Zimbabwe for South Sudanese students who graduated there: $400,000 has been paid and 105 graduates finally received their certificates.

  • Give thanks for this renewed focus on education, and pray that all children and young people may be able to access good quality education.

Maridi: Continue to pray for Bishop Moses, Mama Rejoice and all the clergy and people of the Diocese, and for the Chaima Christian Institute, staff and students. 

  • Pray also this week for Revd Canon Wisi Ba Bennett Khamis as he takes up post as Archdeacon in the Central Archdeaconry; 
  • pray also for the new Provost of the Cathedral, Revd Charles Jonathan, giving thanks for the 13 years’ service as Provost of Canon Bennett Khamis

In the neighbouring diocese of Ezo, give thanks for the ministry of Bishop John Zawo, who has resigned; pray for Richard Aquila who will act as caretaker bishop, for the Archbishop of the internal province Archbishop Samuel Peni, and for the election process for a new bishop.  And give thanks for Sherborne deanery, who continue their strong commitment to their link with Ezo diocese.


Continuing conflict over cattle: Fresh attacks have been reported from Pibor, where Jonglei youth have mounted attacks “to recover their cattle”; from Myom in Unity Sate, where 100 cattle were stolen by youth from Warrap state; and from Lainya, where three civilians were killed by cattle herders from Terekeka county – despite a peace conference in January agreeing the cattle keepers should leave the area.

  • Pray for a stronger legal framework to maintain public order – and for serious and concerted action by traditional and official leaders to educate the youth in the ways of peaceful  coexistence.