Archbishop Mouneer Anis supports Sudanese bishops

Archbishop Mouneer Anis supports Sudanese bishops
03/12/2018 admin

Archbishop Mouneer Anis

In early December the five bishops in Sudan are gathering in Khartoum with their wives.  They will be joined by Archbishop Mouneer Anis and his wife.  Mouneer is Bishop of Egypt and former Primate of Jerusalem and the Middle East.  He is going to lead sessions with the Sudanese to assist them to develop in leadership of their Dioceses.  It is an exercise called Episcopal Accompaniment, as Archbishop Mouneer shares his long experience with the Church in Sudan.  This is the first time it has been done, and is part of a three year programme led by Archbishop Mouneer.

Archbishop Ezekiel of Sudan writes,  “We are very much looking forward to being together as bishops with our wives for the first time!”  This will be an excellent opportunity for the wives of the bishops to receive focussed help to support them in their role within the Dioceses, and to be able to respond to how the women church members see them.  

This joint event has been made possible due to the leadership of the Archbishop of Canterbury.  Concerned at the difficulties facing the Church in Sudan, he has raised funding for it.  The Sudan Link working group was instrumental with the Sudan Church Association in creating a Roundtable of mission agencies concerned about supporting the Episcopal Church of Sudan.  It came into being at just the right time to help devise a capacity building programme for Sudan administering this and other funding  raised by the Archbishop of Canterbury.  

Please pray for the Sudanese Bishops and their wives that this gathering together will be a time of inspiration and encouragement for them all.


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