100 days since Sudan was engulfed in fighting

100 days since Sudan was engulfed in fighting
24/07/2023 admin

For three months now, the people of Sudan have endured unspeakable suffering amid violence that is tearing their country apart.

The UN says “Sudan is now one of the world’s most difficult places for humanitarian workers to operate.  Working with local organizations we are doing all we can to deliver life-saving supplies. But we cannot work under the barrel of a gun. We cannot replenish stores of food, water, and medicine whilst brazen looting continues.  We cannot deliver if our staff are prevented from reaching people in need.”

Ultimately, Sudan’s suffering will end only when the fighting ends.  Each day that the fighting continues, the misery deepens for Sudanese civilians.  In western Sudan, where the paramilitary RSF is dominant, there are repeated reports of widespread sexual violence and ethnic cleansing.

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Al Jazeera also have an excellent introductory 10 minute video