Archbishop of Sudan calls for peace

Archbishop of Sudan calls for peace
17/07/2019 admin

Archbishop Ezekiel Kondo travelled to Wad Medani, in south eastern Sudan, in mid July for a major service in that diocese.  There has been much progress in Sudan with an agreement between the military and the protestors, and the internet being turned back on last Wednesday (10th July).  After a quiet month for the churches, when church members did not travel much to avoid the military on the streets, life is getting back to normal. 

But one thing Archbishop Ezekiel is stressing is the wider need for peace in Sudan.  All the protests have come from people in the towns and cities.  The longer fight for freedom and justice by armed resistance in the rural areas has been bypassed, and their leaders are now calling for any Agreements to include an answer to their grievances.   The Episcopal Church has thousands of members in the Nuba Mountains, an area bombed by the Government for many years as a way of supressing dissent.

Talks are now beginning for the first time between the older armed resistance movements and the civilian protest movement which was successful in bringing about the downfall of President Bashir.  It is a matter of extreme urgency that they find peaceful ways of working together to agree on a programme for the transitional period before elections, and arrangements for a conference to approve a new constitution for Sudan.   That is what will guarantee freedom and justice, and the rights of Christians alongside Muslims. 

There is much to pray for!


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