South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC) statement on the Revitalised ARCSS

South Sudan Council of Churches (SSCC) statement on the Revitalised ARCSS
08/10/2018 John Inglis-Jones

The South Sudan Council of Churches has recently issued a statement on the Revitalised Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan. It seeks to outline the hope and opportunity for a peaceful South Sudan and reiterated its call for the violence to stop as a pre-requisite for lasting peace and a permanent ceasefire.

The statement thanked the political and military leaders who had signed the Revitalised Agreement but noted with sadness that this was not the first time they had signed agreements and that this time they are urged to be true to their signatures.

“As a church we believe that peace is not something on paper. Peace is a practical reality on the ground.”

The SSCC put forward their Action Plan for Peace (APP) as a contribution to long term lasting peace. It recognises the unique position the church is in to help make peace a reality with their ability to convene neutral space between warring parties and reach vast numbers of South Sudanese through their regional and local structures. It also has a critically important role in promoting Healing and Reconciliation and offering a voice to the voiceless in South Sudanese society.

The statement issued on 4th October 2018 concludes by saying that they see signs of hope that lead them to think leaders are serious about bringing peace but are conscious of previous experience that may cause people to renege and return to violence. The SSCC commited themselves to work and pray for peace in South Sudan and was signed by 9 church leaders including Archbishop Justin Badi Arama, Archbishop and Primate of the ECSS.




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