Update on the Nuba Bible Institute in Cairo Library

Update on the Nuba Bible Institute in Cairo Library
01/03/2019 admin

One of the projects that the SCA supports is the Nuba Bible Institute in Cairo.  The NBIC is a ministry of St Michael and All Angels Church and began specifically to train the leaders and other members of the Sudanese Community in Egypt for the benefit of their own church, both for their time now in Egypt and hopefully later for their future in Sudan, South Sudan or elsewhere. The language and educational challenges for many Sudanese Christians meant that they were unable to study at the nearby Alexandria School of Theology (AST), which teaches primarily in Arabic.  

Specifically it has been the aim to support them in the creation of a library.

Bonita Dirk, Director of the NBIC recently sent this update:-

“This autumn we had a bit of a tumultuous time with finding a good place for the study space for the students.  There were several promising options, some of which we had signed agreements for but all fell through.  It turned out to be much harder to find somewhere than we expected.  However, in the end we found a great ground floor apartment near where the students live. 

We have furnished the place with a nice big table and 8 chairs for studying in one room that will be for quiet reading.  The main room will be for storing the books and for use of the NBIC computer for working on and printing assignments and research papers.  We hired a librarian who is a student who was very excited about the concept and he has been very active in purchasing the furniture and doing any repairs needed in the place, and even learning how to apply varnish!  The books we have already from the Anglican Publishing House in Cairo and some we were gifted from another theological school in Lebanon have been moved to the space as well.

We are about to open, hopefully in the next week or two.  We will have an older couple living in one room of the flat to guarantee the security of the place, especially since we will be leaving the computer there.  We have one repair left to be completed, and then the couple can move in, we can set up the computer and printer and open!!!

Thank you so much for your patience with us on this.  It has been frustrating to us how long this has taken but it has been an opportunity to build momentum in the community and now many pastors in the community are excited to be able to use it for preparation of their sermons, etc.

We are still gathering a few more books, and hope each year to add more.”

To read more about the project visit our NBIC page



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